Belgrade Metropolitan University was visited by professor Hagen Hochrinner from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz and held a seminar on the topic “Dual Education in Higher Education”. Professor Hochrinner presented strategies and methods developed and applied at the University to answer the growing demand of partner companies in Austria for additional implementation of dual education. Seminar photos can be viewed at Photo Gallery section.

Professor Hagen Hochrinner studied mechanical engineering at the University of Technical Sciences in Graz. Upon spending several years in leading positions in the industry, professor Hochrinner now works as a full professor at the University of Applied Sciences Joaneum in Graz where he teaches courses in dual education: Technologies of Production and Organization (BAS), Sustainable Management of Food Production (BAS), Engineering and Management in Production (MAS). He is active in international projects for development and implementation of programmes of dual education at higher education.

Since the beginning in 2002, the programme of dual education PTO (Production Technology and Organization) at the University of Applied Sciences Joaneum places strong emphasis on integration of small and medium sized enterprises with little or no previous experience at higher education. Dual education seemed to be a good method for the gap in the mutual effort in educating young engineers for prospect challenges within companies. Today, PTO and students at dual education play a central role in the connection of industries with universities.

Belgrade Metropolitan University is one of the first educational institutions in Serbia to introduce dual education, following global trends in education and needs of the society.