The quality control and monitoring process will be performed following the conditions and requirements of the project.

Quality Control and Monitoring Manual can be found here.

Quality control of the project will be done through a series of Local Committee meetings when evaluation of all activities will be realized; all organized and linked to other project events, for reasons of cost-effectiveness. At these meetings the project directions can be discussed, and eventual corrections can be initiated. The kick-off meeting at the beginning of the project will assure that all project members will have the same notions about the quality assurance process.

Quality and monitoring activities include:

5.1. Creating quality and evaluation strategy and project quality monitoring

This activity will include defining project processes, policies, goals and creation of Management Quality Manual according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. Within this manual (Quality and evaluation strategy) partners will be acquainted with the project quality standards ISO 9001:2008. Also, manual will define: metrics for project goal conversions and its strategy for succession, preventive and corrective measures of the project, hierarchy of project responsibility, communication flows and decision making, PR strategy and communication with external environment, and project processes and creation of documentation needed.

A set of metrics will be established some of which are metrics for: operation of the institution, cooperation with stakeholders, international comparisons of DualEdu, employability of graduates, etc. Workshops will be organized to introduce pilot institutions to set quality metrics. These institutions will be continuously advised regarding QA material preparation. Within this activity external evaluation is planned for institutions conducting pilot DualEdu model.

5.2. Preparation of the interim evaluation report

5.3. Preparation of the final evaluation report

Project quality reports will include preventive and corrective measures taken in order to achieve project goals. According to the internal monitoring and quality control, the project Management team, if necessary, will take measures to improve the quality of the project realization. Special focus will be given on project key performance indicator evaluation, project goal success rate evaluation, and partner evaluation through interviews.

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